John Ellis

How the Revolution in Big Data will Change Your Life

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Imagine a world where the data about a thing is more valuable than the thing itself. That world is closer than you may think. As cars, fridges, and other devices are equipped with sensors, you may be able to trade that data for money, and drastically reduce the cost of purchasing just about anything. How will that change our lives?

Cars are only the beginning. Imagine the Zero Dollar House—would you be willing to trade the information sensors gather in your fridge, your bathroom, and elsewhere? Big technology companies like Apple and Google are already profiting from the sale of this kind of information, so why shouldn't we?

In this rollicking account of his adventures at the intersection of data and autos, global technology expert John Ellis aims to prepare readers for the incredible changes ahead. The dark side, Ellis warns, of enabling cars, homes, and other things with sensors to share data could create serious and even deadly trouble.


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Praise for 'The Zero Dollar Car'


John Ellis looks ahead and connects the dots of the utility of the automobile and the incredible data that is generated from understanding how we use it. His vision and insights will ignite your creativity.

Tim Sullivan, Managing Principal
Meyers Research, a Kennedy Wilson Company



John’s experiences as a technologist, strategist, and head of an automaker developer program have positioned him as a valued advisor on the future outlook of the auto industry and evolving technologies driving change within it. His perspectives on the influence that data will play on consumer experiences, product development and the underlying ecosystems that connect both are fascinating and foreboding for those in, and outside of, the automotive industry.

Aaron Schulenburg, Executive Director
Society of Collision Repair Specialists



"John Ellis’ Zero Dollar Car is an excellent example of how technology and auto worlds are mashing together to create new mobility solutions, services and innovative vehicle experiences.

John Ellis’ insights and expertise clearly define how technologies and new mobility services are changing the way cars are designed, developed, customized, sold, serviced, shared and owned. The Zero Dollar Car is an excellent example of how we are witnessing one of the most fundamental shifts in the history of the automotive industry.

 John Ellis clearly articulates how the automobile is no longer just a stand-alone mechanical means of personal transportation. The Zero Dollar Car demonstrates how vehicles and digital technology are inextricably linked with millions of lines of software code and rapidly becoming an electronic, digitally-driven connected part in the internet of things and emerging mobility lifestyles."

John Waraniak
Vice President Vehicle Technology
Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA)

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